Patois Pendant

Patois Pendant

By Charles Loomis

"I first designed the Patois Pendant with Robert Mesher of Mesher Shing Architects, for an upscale restaurant in Palm Springs California. Its glass panels were embedded with decorative metal strips and a clear scalloped border. My latest version features contemporary sparkling Frizzanté glass panels. What I like about Patois is that it is transformed with each change in diffusers. It can be traditional, dramatic, flamboyant, or contemporary depending on your preference. I like the concept of giving you choices for customizing it to suit your space. Patois Frizzante is available in diameters of 24" to 36"." - Charles Loomis

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24" Dia., 12" Diffuser Ht.


Steel: Oxidized CL442


Clear Frizzanté Glass LG1253